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“The Evliya Çelebi Way” Project

10 Mart 2010

Proposal for new Cultural Routes in Anatolia 

Celebrating the 400th Anniversary of the Birth of Evliya Çelebi (1611-c.1683) 

Phase 1 successfully completed with achievement of the 1000 kilometre 2009 Evliya Çelebi Ride

UNESCO says  2011 will be the Year of Evliya Çelebi

The Evliya Çelebi Way is an international project of historical re-enactment and cultural re-connection that will establish Cultural Routes in Western and Southeastern Anatolia.

The Evliya Çelebi Way routes are primarily equestrian routes designed to generate interest in Turkey’s vanishing horse culture, thereby reconnecting Turkish people today with their heritage. Combining the romance of horseback travel in remote but stunning landscapes with rediscovery of Turkey’s historical past, they should appeal to all who are concerned to preserve Turkey’s heritage through sustainable tourism.

The Evliya Çelebi Way has two connected goals:

To Re-Enact                        This project celebrates the life and work of Evliya Çelebi, one of Ottoman Turkey’s greatest writers, travellers and historians of everyday life.  We aim to travel Evliya’s routes across Anatolia on horseback.  By following his hoofprints, we will discover what there is that can only be known by re-enactment.  What do things look like from horseback? How do physical and logistical conditions of travelling in this way enable active engagement with local communities?

To Re-Connect       The other central goal of this project is to re-connect Turkey today with its illustrious history of Equestrian Traditions.  The Ottoman cavalry was world renowned. Early modern European travellers report their admiration for Ottoman horsemanship. Today horsebreeding and equestrian sports continue to thrive in remote rural areas.   By furthering understanding of these equestrian knowledges and practices, this project will celebrate an important but little known legacy of Turkish history.

Now seeking sponsorship for Phase 2: 2011 Evliya Çelebi ‘Turkey-Syria Friendship Ride’*


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  1. Karin Schuitema permalink
    12 Eylül 2011 08:48

    I would like to ask you some questions related to a symposium about routes, roads, cultural routes that I am organising at the NIT (Netherlands Institute) in Istanbul. On which emailaddress could i contact the Evliya Celebi Way Project? Thank you very much in advance,

    Karin Schuitema


  1. Hollanda Enstitüsü’nde Workshop: Roads, Routes and Heritage « Evliya Çelebi

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